“UVCONN” repudiate any connection or identification with “ZUMMTV”

UV Conn
No Need To Dial Local
Access Number -its Easy,
Simple & Intelligent

Download our IOS or Android APP and Call using
Wi-Fi & Your Phone Data

  • Automatically dials access #, & Pin #
  • Use Phone contacts
  • Store and manage favorites
  • Logs recent calls
  • Built-in access number list
  • View rates to all countries
  • Works from all countries
  • 200+ Local numbers
  • No connection or Service Fee
  • One minute billing rounding
  • Easy to Recharge

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The voice quality is excellent compared to other carriers, which have reception problems. It’s cheaper than most others as well. I saw there Poster in a Grocery story & I called them, I received great service and good deal. We are very satisfied with Uvconn Services as it is trouble free and smooth.

Tim Barkley

It is being for the last few months that I switched from another service provider to start using Uvconn service and love their excellent quality service, Specially the app for the iPhone and low rates. It is great alternative to Calling Cards, but now I see they have enhance there products which is even convenient, I will try there Home phone soon.

Laura Ven

I called to add pre paid service to Uvconn, I received great service and good deal. Rep was very pleasant. Their rates are reasonable and you can use home cell or office no to make long distance calls. i recommend Uvconn to all my friends. There are no hidden charges.

John Anderson

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